best supplier insulation refractory brick for melting furnace lining

  • refractories fire brick - refractories bricks manufacturer

    Refractories Fire Brick - Refractories Bricks Manufacturer

    It is a block of refractory ceramic material used in lining furnaces, kilns, fireboxes, and fireplaces. Our provided range is rigorously tested by the team of our professionals. Furthermore, our clients can avail this brick from us at market leading prices.

  • mullite insulation brick refractory brick supplier

    Mullite Insulation Brick Refractory Brick Supplier

    Mullite lightweight bricks are popular in hot blast kiln crown,flame side and bottom parts; glass melting furnace regenerator,ceramic sintering kiln,Petroleum cracking system corners and linings,ethylene pyrolysis furnaces, tubular furnaces, reforming furnaces of synthetic ammonia, gas generators and high-temperature shullte kilns, etc.

  • jm26 insulation brick - insulating bricks

    JM26 Insulation Brick - Insulating Bricks

    JM26 insulation refractory brick can be used as part of the working layer of thermal insulation or non melting. JM26 insulation firebricks have been widely used in the following furnace, achieved satisfactory results. the series products are best Li Ning and insulation in all types of industrial furnaces in the metallurgical field, aluminum

  • configuration scheme of refractory bricks for melting

    Configuration Scheme of Refractory Bricks for Melting

    According to the working conditions and smelting conditions of the Melting Electric Arc Furnace, there are four main reasons for the analysis of the corrosion and damage of the furnace lining: (1) Acid slag (FeO, SiO2, and TiO2) corrodes refractory materials. The carbon in the magnesia carbon brick is oxidized and lost, forming holes.

  • buy insulation refractory products from north refractories co

    Buy Insulation Refractory Products from North Refractories Co

    We import different types of high grade insulation products from North Refractories Co. Ltd. .The advantages of these products convinced us. We are using their refractory products in our three melting furnaces with a good performance for three years now.

  • furnace lining products | products | unifrax

    Furnace Lining Products | Products | Unifrax

    Furnace Lining Products, Modules. Estimated Temperature. 2600°F / 1430°C. Composition. RCF (refractory ceramic fiber) Chemistry. Alumina-zirconia silica. The Fiberfrax ® Anchor-Loc ® module system is a family of ceramic fiber module products designed to meet a wide range of application requirements in a variety of heat processing vessels.

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