high performance low thermal conductivity magnesia alumina brick

  • magnesia hercynite brick - rongsheng refractory

    Magnesia Hercynite Brick - Rongsheng Refractory

    Magnesia hercynite brick has good high temperature volume stability, high refractoriness under load, excellent thermal shock resistance, better corrosion resistance and coating adhesion performance than premium magnesia chrome bricks. Besides, magnesia hercynite bricks have thinner reaction layer with cement clinker, the spalling of kiln

  • alumina brick - resco products

    Alumina Brick - Resco Products

    This complete line of high alumina brick in the range of 70% to 85% alumina is phosphate-bonded to give optimum strength burned brick. Along with the development of unusually high strength, these phosphate-bonded bricks have low porosity, with excellent resistance to abrasion, erosion, and alkali attack. SENECA 60 P.

  • alumina magnesia carbon brick - china refractory brick

    Alumina Magnesia Carbon Brick - China Refractory Brick

    Description of Alumina Magnesia Carbon Brick. Aluminum magnesium carbon brick adopts special bauxite, corundum, fused magnesium as aggregate, and focus on strengthening the matrix, slag corrosion resistance, spalling resistance, good thermal stability etc, are widely used in ladle molten pool and refining ladle metallurgy equipment, such as aluminum and magnesium carbon brick are just the

  • refractories – cama company | casting materials company

    Refractories – Cama Company | Casting Materials Company

    Magnesia carbon brick is widely used in EAF sidewalls, converters and ladle furnace slag lines. Magnesia - Alumina - Carbon Bricks Al-Mg Carbon brick has proper residual expansion, low thermal conductivity, and better insulation.

  • low themal conductivity insulating fire brick alumina bubble

    Low Themal Conductivity Insulating Fire Brick Alumina Bubble

    High quality Low Themal Conductivity Insulating Fire Brick Alumina Bubble Brick For Shuttle Klin from China, China's leading light weight bricks product, with strict quality control insulation fire bricks factories, producing high quality insulation fire bricks products.

  • magnesia carbon bricks | ravani ceramics

    Magnesia Carbon Bricks | Ravani Ceramics

    Magnesia-Alumina Carbon Brick or Alumina-Magnesia Carbon Brick is produced from high quality bauxite, corundum, fused magnesia and graphite. Alumina-Magnesia Carbon brick has proper residual expansion, low thermal conductivity, and better insulation performance than that of Magnesia-Alumina Carbon brick which contain much more magnesia.

  • magnesia bricks by ganeshas aim industries private limited

    Magnesia Bricks by Ganeshas Aim Industries Private Limited

    Specifications: 1.Magnesia brick refractory 2.Ccs:60mpa, rul:1700 3.Good erosion resistance 4.High quality 5.Reasonable price Â?ºmagnesia brick features: Excellent performance of basic slag resistance, high refractoriness, thermal stability, anti-erosion and anti-peeling Excellent strength of pressure bending, abrasion proof Excellent performance of high-temperature firing, high rates of

  • magnesite brick, burned magnesite brick, fused magnesite

    Magnesite Brick, Burned Magnesite Brick, Fused Magnesite

    Property: high temperature performance, high thermal resistance, low air-permeability, and strong slag resistance Application: used in tapping hole of AOD furnace, the lower vessel of vacuum chamber and snorkel of RH furnace, and the slag line of high temperature furnaces

  • mullite insulation brick - best price refractory bricks manufacturer

    Mullite Insulation Brick - Best Price Refractory Bricks Manufacturer

    Mullite Insulation Brick is a kind of quality refractory insulation materials for resisting high temperature with features of light weight, low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation and high compression strength in the high temperature furnaces or kilns.

  • high alumina lightweight insulating fire bricks - rs

    High Alumina Lightweight Insulating Fire Bricks - RS

    High alumina lightweight insulating fire bricks are a kind of lightweight insulation refractory with regular shape which have a content of Al2O3 of more than 48%, and is mainly composed of mullite and glass phase or corundum. High alumina lightweight insulating fire brick have good performance in small bulk density, low thermal conductivity

  • magnesia bricks - rongsheng kiln refractory

    Magnesia Bricks - Rongsheng Kiln Refractory

    The magnesia-hercynite brick had low thermal conductivity and long service life, and its overall performance was better than magnesia-chrome brick. Feature of Rongsheng Refractory Magnesia Bricks 1.High refractoriness,usually the refractoriness is above 2000°C.

  • alumina hollow ball brick - magnesium-supplier.com

    Alumina Hollow Ball Brick - magnesium-supplier.com

    Alumina hollow ball brick is made of alumina hollow ball and aluminum oxide powder as the main raw materials, combined with other binders and fired at 1750 ℃. The utility model belongs to an ultra-high temperature material energy-saving thermal insulation material.

  • performance advantages of low carbon magnesia carbon bricks - rs

    Performance Advantages of Low Carbon Magnesia Carbon Bricks - RS

    As the amount of graphite in low-carbon magnesia-carbon bricks is halved, the advantages of graphite, such as high thermal conductivity, extremely small thermal expansion coefficient, and elastic modulus, cannot be brought into play, resulting in the thermal stability and slag resistance of low-carbon magnesia-carbon bricks.

  • magnesia carbon bricks - rs kiln company

    Magnesia Carbon Bricks - RS Kiln Company

    Since the magnesia carbon bricks have the good anti-stripping ability, magnesia carbon bricks effectively make the use of the strong slag erosion ability of magnesite clinker as well as high thermal conductivity and low expansibility of carbon to off sets the biggest weakness of poor anti-stripping performance. Magnesia carbon bricks have high

  • magnesia bricks - rongsheng refractory

    Magnesia Bricks - Rongsheng Refractory

    Magnesia Bricks Introduction Magnesia Bricks as a kind of hot sale refractory bricks application in steel making furnace lining &cement kiln & tunnel kiln,was prepared with hercynite as raw materials.Magnesia brick had low thermal conductivity and long service life,its overall performance was better than magnesia chrome brick.

  • what is the ability of magnesia bricks to transfer heat? - rs

    What is the Ability of Magnesia Bricks to Transfer Heat? - RS

    The apparent porosity is low (about 19%), and the bulk density (up to about 2.8 g/cm3). Therefore, multi-mineral composition, strong alkalinity, and high density are the notable characteristics of magnesia bricks. Thermal Conductivity of Magnesia Brick. The thermal conductivity of magnesia bricks is termed thermal conductivity.

  • alumina bubble brick - csrefractory.com

    Alumina Bubble Brick - csrefractory.com

    Application. Alumina Bubble Brick can be used in high-temperature shaft kilns, shuttle kilns, induction furnaces, nitriding furnaces, etc., and also can be used for service linings in manufacturing high-purity quartz for the electronics industry such as ceramic tile linings in gas turbines and backup linings in reactors.

  • insulating fire bricks (jm) ~ lontto refractory

    Insulating Fire Bricks (JM) ~ LONTTO Refractory

    Light Insulating Fire Bricks Unique production process can maximize avoid the influence of impurities and structural defects on product performance, Has an extremely excellent high-temperature volume stability. Thermal shock resistance is good. High working temperature. High strength. Low thermal conductivity, For a variety of furnace type and

  • high aluminum bricks|high alumina bricks manufacturer

    High Aluminum Bricks|High Alumina Bricks Manufacturer

    Advantage: l High-alumina bricks have a high refractoriness, up to 1750 ~ 1790 ℃, which is a high-performance refractory material. Generally, refractory bricks with higher alumina content have better fire resistance. l High load softening temperature. l High aluminum brick has very good thermal conductivity. l Better thermal shock stability.

  • tundish refractory - rs kiln refractory bricks

    Tundish Refractory - RS Kiln Refractory Bricks

    The permanent lining is made from low cement or ultra-low cement alumina castable, which contains 60%~80% of Al2O3. The service life of permanent lining is between 200~1000 times, or even more. (3) Working layer (20-50mm), this layer is in contact with molten steel and is the key part.

  • shaped — mayerton refractories | refractories manufacturer

    Shaped — Mayerton Refractories | Refractories Manufacturer

    Spinel Bricks; Magnesia Spinel Bricks. Magnesia-spinel products have high corrosion resistance, and the combination of magnesia and alumina/spinel results in a material that has a lower thermal conductivity when compared with 100% magnesia or alumina type products.

  • magnesia carbon bricks | mag carbon bricks | reframat

    Magnesia Carbon Bricks | Mag Carbon Bricks | REFRAMAT

    As composite refractories, magnesia (mag) carbon bricks effectively make the use of the strong slag erosion ability of magnesite clinker as well as high thermal conductivity and low expansibility of carbon to off sets the biggest weakness of poor anti-stripping performance. They have high temperature plasticity.

  • magnesia carbon bricks manufacturers in india | magnesia carbon

    Magnesia Carbon Bricks Manufacturers In India | Magnesia Carbon

    As one of the leading magnesia carbon bricks manufacturers in India, we offer a diverse array of refractory products at highly competitive rates. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities produce high-grade magnesia carbon bricks, magnesia chrome bricks, magnesite bricks and alumina magnesia bricks.

  • zhengzhou ruitai refractory materials technology co..ltd

    Zhengzhou Ruitai Refractory Materials Technology Co..Ltd

    Zhengzhou Ruitai held the "2019 Annual Summary and Commendation and 2020 Work Promotion Conference" On the morning of April 12, Zhengzhou Ruitai Refractory Technology Co., Ltd. "2019 Summary and Commendation and 2020 Work Promotion Conference" was grandly held in the multifunctional hall of the R&D building.

  • magnesia carbon bricks for sale refractory brick

    Magnesia Carbon Bricks For Sale Refractory Brick

    As a composite refractory material, magnesia carbon brick effectively utilizes the strong resistance to slag corrosion of magnesia and the high thermal conductivity and low expansion of carbon, which compensates for the biggest disadvantage of poor flaking resistance of magnesia.

  • good price magnesia carbon brick suppliers - buy magnesia

    Good Price Magnesia Carbon Brick Suppliers - Buy Magnesia

    Magnesia Carbon Brick has proper residual expansion, low thermal conductivity and better insulation performance than magnesium aluminum carbon brick. The performance of magnesium aluminum carbon brick is between magnesium carbon and aluminum magnesium carbon. It belongs to high melting point basic oxide material, which has high heat resistance

  • china magnesia spinel brick manufacturers and suppliers | topower

    China Magnesia Spinel Brick manufacturers and suppliers | Topower

    Magnesia spinel bricks use high-purity magnesia and magnesia alumina spinel as the main raw materials. The firing temperature and firing atmosphere are strictly controlled to make it have good flexibility and thermal shock stability, kiln skin performance and corrosion resistance The performance exceeds that of high-quality magnesia chrome bricks.

  • insulating fire brick - rs kiln refractory

    Insulating Fire Brick - RS Kiln Refractory

    Fire Clay Insulation Brick can be used in melting furnace, refine equipments, heating equipment, regenerative apparatus, gas furnace, soaking pit, annealing furnace, reaction chamber and other industrial hot working equipment with xcellent performance of high strength, even bulk density, low thermal conductivity and low impurity. High Alumina

  • factory sell competitive price refractory

    Factory sell Competitive Price Refractory

    Its main characteristics are high porosity, low bulk density, low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity and good thermal insulation performance. They are both heat-insulating and heat-resistant. They are generally used as insulation layers for various thermal equipment, and some can also be used as working layers.

  • alumina silicon carbide carbon (ascc) bricks | gita refractories

    Alumina Silicon Carbide Carbon (ASCC) Bricks | Gita Refractories

    Alumina Silicon Carbide Carbon Bricks. (Al2O3-SiC-C) Brick is a sort of refractory that is molded by high pressure and not through burning. Its raw material includes Corundum, High purity Bauxite, Carbon black, SIC grades of various purity and sizes and some ceramic reagent in addition. It is mainly used in the lining of Iron and Torpedo ladles

  • high performance insulating fire brick high carbon content

    High Performance Insulating Fire Brick High Carbon Content

    High Carbon Content .B-1 Light Weight Refractory Insulation Brick for Gas Furnace. Fireclay insulating brick is made of light weight fireclay and widely used for industrial furnace insulation, it has the following features: 1. Light weight and low thermal conductivity allows thinner furnace walls 2.

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