hot products refractory ceramic fiber board for heating equipment

  • high temperature insulation fiber board and shapes | christy

    High Temperature Insulation Fiber Board and Shapes | Christy

    High temperature insulating Fiber Boards and Shapes are manufactured for use as back-up insulation or installed as hot face application solutions ranging from furnace linings to burner surrounds to hot tops. Thermal Ceramics manufactures in three chemistries Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF), Superwool ® Low Biopersistent Fiber (LBP) and

  • ceramic fiber board | ceramic fiber insulation | in stock

    Ceramic Fiber Board | Ceramic Fiber Insulation | In stock

    Ceramic Fiber Board – Typical Applications. Refractory backup insulation to brick & castable. Expansion joint Industrial heat shields & thermal barriers. For any question on purchasing our ceramic fiber insulation products , such as our top notch ceramic fiber board, give call us at (732) 257-5002.

  • ceramic fiber board - ceramsource, inc.

    Ceramic Fiber Board - CeramSource, Inc.

    TaoFibre® ceramic fiber board also resists oxidation and reduction. If they are wet by water, steam, or oil, physical and thermal properties are fully restored upon drying. Ceramic Fiber board is used for a variety of high temperature applications, including refractory linings, backup insulation, baffles and muffles, heat shields, combustion

  • an overview of refractory ceramic fibers | thermal processing

    An overview of refractory ceramic fibers | Thermal Processing

    Refractory ceramic fibers are synthetic fibers produced by the melting and blowing or spinning of calcined kaolin clay or a combination of alumina (Al2O3), silicon dioxide (SiO2), or other oxides, usually in a 50:50 weight ratio. The most common grade RCF fiber provided by most USA-based fabricators and suppliers is the “high purity” grade

  • boards | products | unifrax

    Boards | Products | Unifrax

    Boards, Furnace Lining Products. Estimated Temperature. 2600°F / 1430°C. Composition. PCW (polycrystalline wool) Chemistry. Polycrystalline mullite. Fiberfrax ® Duraboard ® products are a family of rigid, high temperature ceramic fiber boards manufactured in a wet forming process using Fiberfrax alumina-silica fibers and binders formulated

  • ceramic fibre board - cts refractory products in sri lanka

    Ceramic Fibre Board - CTS Refractory Products in Sri Lanka

    Ceramic fiber board from Ceramaterials also resists oxidation and reduction. Ceramic fiber boards are available in a variety of temperature ratings, densities, thicknesses, widths and lengths, and custom vacuum formed shapes. Applications for Ceramic Fiber Board • Insulating backup to brick & castable • Furnace hot face lining • Use in

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