manufacturers supply insulation firebrick refractory furnace insulating bricks

  • insulating bricks 2300f 2600f for industrial furnace high

    Insulating Bricks 2300F 2600F for Industrial furnace high

    NR Insulating bricks is made from alumina content ranging from 35% to 60%, it can provide low thermal conductivity, low heat storage capacity and high strength, Save heat consumption as it is designed to allow heat losses, the insulating firebrick can survive temperature 900-1400 º C and then decrease weight of furnaces because of its lighter

  • refractory bricks | induction furnace lining | insulating

    Refractory Bricks | Induction Furnace Lining | Insulating

    Insulating Fire Brick. Grades: YK23, YK24, YK25, YK26, YK28, YK30, YK32; The insulating fire bricks are ideally suited as a backup insulation and for the lining of pottery kilns or the like, the bricks groove easily for element placement. Ceramic Fibre Products

  • insulating bricks | insulating fire brick suppliers - wam

    Insulating Bricks | Insulating Fire Brick Suppliers - WAM

    As one of leading insulating fire brick suppliers, WAM produces quality lightweight insulating bricks for high temperature furnaces in the field of metallurgical, petrochemical and other industry. Custom refractories & size in any bricks to meet your needs. Contact us and get your quote today!

  • insulating fire bricks - rs professional refractory

    Insulating Fire Bricks - RS Professional Refractory

    RS Manufacturer is one of famous insulating fire bricks suppliers, selling different kinds of insulating fire bricks. RS Kiln Refractory focuses on business model innovation, actively expands e-commerce, and is committed to creating a “one-stop” e-commerce operation service platform that integrates cross-border e-commerce and industry

  • insulating fire bricks - foundry service & supplies, inc.

    Insulating Fire Bricks - Foundry Service & Supplies, Inc.

    Foundry Service supplies Insulating Fire Brick (IFB) for use in applications from 2300ºF (1100ºC) to 3200ºF (1760ºC). Each type is formulated to meet specific thermal and physical requirements, and after firing is machined to precise tolerances. Made from high purity refractory clays and other ceramic raw materials, these IFB contain carefully graded organic filler which […]

  • quality kiln fire bricks & lightweight fire bricks manufacturer

    Quality Kiln Fire Bricks & Lightweight Fire Bricks Manufacturer

    Lightweight Fire Bricks. Erosion Resistance Red Clay Refractory Insulation Bricks 30 - 35% Al2o3 Content. Light Weight Castable Fire Brick , Heat Resistant Bricks For Furnace Kiln Insulating Layer. 1.0g/cm3 Bulk Density Lightweight Fire Bricks Good Thermal Resistance. Refractory Clay Bricks

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