manufacturers supply plastic refractory for heating furnace

  • plastic refractories - refractory manufacturer

    Plastic Refractories - Refractory Manufacturer

    Plastic refractories can be used in many varied applications including blast furnaces, basic oxygen furnaces (BOF), steel ladles, iron ladles, argon-oxygen decarburization (AOD), electric arc furnaces (EAF), degasser, furnaces, and more. Plastics are utilized in various locations because they are essentially formed by the installer to fit the

  • plastic refractory and mouldable plastic refractory manufacturer

    plastic refractory and mouldable plastic refractory manufacturer

    Plastic Refractory Applications . Plastic refractory features good thermal resistance, easy and convenient for construction. Moldable plastic refractory is applicable to various heating furnaces, soaking pit, annealing furnace, blast furnace, is also available for arc furnace lid, high-temperature furnace nozzles and so on.

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    Plastic Refractory - Qualified Plastic Refractory Cement in

    Plastic Refractory, is a kind of monolithic refractory, consisting of 70% to 80% granular and powdery materials and 10% to 25% plastic clay and some amount of plasticizers. Plastic refractory is usually used in the heating furnaces, soaking furnaces, annealing furnace, sintering furnace and electric furnace roof in the iron and steel industry.

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    Good Price Plastic Refractory Castable Suppliers - Buy

    They are mainly used as linings for various heating furnaces, soaking furnaces, annealing furnaces, sintering furnaces, and electric furnace roofs in the steel industryIn addition to this, they are used for walls, ceilings, bottoms or burner blocks of diverse furnaces. The main components of plastic refractory castable are granular and powdery

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    Furnace Refractories Suppliers -

    Furnace Refractories manufacturers, service companies and distributors are listed in this trusted and comprehensive vertical portal. The comprehensive directory provides access to full contact and ability information for sourcing professionals, engineers and researchers wishing to get information on Furnace Refractories.

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    Refractory Materials - PMC Supplies | PMC Supplies

    General-purpose castable refractory cement. Ideal for furnace linings and pouring special shapes. Refractory Mortar. High in alumina, this mortar can be used for coasting and patching materials with negligible shrinking. Firebricks. These lightweight, low density and porous firebricks are suitable for many applications. Insulation Fiber Blankets.

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