top quality refractory magnesia chrome bricks for steel ladle

  • magnesia carbon brick for ladle - quality best price refractory supplier

    Magnesia Carbon Brick for Ladle - Quality Best Price Refractory Supplier

    Magnesia Carbon Brick for Ladle, mainly used in working parts such as ladle slag line, molten pool and bottom, can significantly improve the service life of ladle, especially when applied to slag line, its service life is significantly higher than other refractory materials. The Magnesia Carbon Brick product for ladle has the advantages of high strength, good slag resistance, good thermal shock resistance and high refractoriness.

  • refractory bricks for ladle - cheap refractory fire brick for

    Refractory Bricks For Ladle - Cheap Refractory Fire Brick For

    With the development of the steel mill business, the refractory bricks for ladle and fire bricks for the ladle slag line are contracted from the steel mill to the refractory brick manufacturer, which can improve the ironmaking efficiency and reduce the steel mill’s expenditure on the refractory materials for the ladle.

  • magnesia chrome brick - rs kiln refractory

    Magnesia Chrome Brick - RS Kiln Refractory

    Magnesia Chrome Brick is kind of high temperature strength refractory bricks with excellent properties of great thermal shock stability, high flexibility and strong corrosion resistance, which is mainly used in regeneration zone of glass kiln and burning zone of rotary cement kiln.

  • mag chrome brick - unitshine

    Mag Chrome Brick - Unitshine

    Magnesia Chrome Bricks are produced in our workshop by leading technology. The main materials are sintered magnesia and chromite. Highly purified magnesia is selected as good as possible, and fine chromite with qualified chemical components are chozen which, in addition to strict processing skill, elaborated production line and inspiring teamwork, achieves the following quality and helps us

  • steel ladle castable - refractories materials for sale

    Steel Ladle Castable - Refractories Materials For Sale

    Alumina magnesia castable are gradually used in steel ladle, the lining service life can reach to 60 times or more, refractory material consumption is reduced by 60%~80%. Alumina Magnesia Spinel Castable

  • magnesia chrome brick for sale - rs kiln refractory materials

    Magnesia Chrome Brick for sale - RS Kiln Refractory Materials

    Magnesia chrome brick is a kind of fire bricks with MgO and Cr2O3 as main components, periclase and spinel as main mineral components. Magnesia chrome brick has good performance in high refractoriness, high temperature strength, strong resistance to alkaline slag, excellent thermal stability, and a certain degree of adaptability to acidic slag.

  • steel industry refractories archives - rs kiln refractory bricks

    Steel industry refractories Archives - RS Kiln Refractory Bricks

    Magnesia alumina spinel bricks can be a good replacement of magnesia chrome bricks, but the corrosion resistance is not as good as magnesia chrome bricks. Another replacement of magnesia chrome bricks is low carbon magnesia carbon bricks, which has good performance price ratio compared with MgO-Cr2O3 bricks. RH immersion tube can be integrally casted by magnesia alumina spinel castable or magnesia zirconia castable.

  • alumina magnesia carbon bricks - quality best price refractory fire

    Alumina Magnesia Carbon Bricks - Quality Best Price Refractory Fire

    Alumina magnesia carbon brick for steel ladle has good properties of erosion resistance, spalling resistance and high strength, and are well used for the bottom and wall of steel ladle. Magnesia alumina carbon bricks adjust the process & technology and enhance the erosion resistance and spalling resistance, which is depend on the base of alumina magnesia carbon brick and can be widely used for the bottom and wall of steel ladle and etc. Compared with alumina magnesia carbon brick for steel

  • refractory ladle bricks | products & suppliers | engineering360

    Refractory Ladle Bricks | Products & Suppliers | Engineering360

    Description: Basic Refractory Products CeramSource, Inc supplies different kinds of basic refractory products including Fired Magnesia Brick, Direct bonded Magnesia-Chrome Brick, Rebonded Magnesia-Chrome Brick, Semi-re-bonded Magnesia-Chrome bricks, Periclase Spinel. Compressive / Crushing Strength: 5801 psi. Density: 2.85 to 3.05 g/cc.

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    HORTON Group, with more than 25 years experience in Metallurgy field, is dedicated to supplying top quality products in the Steel and Foundry Industry. Horton could provide quality products, expert technical support and high level of service for the customers worldwide. HORTON offers solution service for steel and Metallurgy industry.

  • magnesia chrome brick - china refractory brick & castable

    Magnesia Chrome Brick - China Refractory Brick & Castable

    Magnesia Chrome Brick is a kind of basic refractory material with more than 90% magnesium oxide content and periclase as the main crystal phase, which has excellent properties of high refractoriness, high temperature strength, good thermal shock resistance and strong basic slag erosion resistance and is mainly used for steelmaking basic open-hearth furnace, electric furnace bottom and wall, permanent lining of oxygen converter, non-ferrous metal metallurgy furnace, high-temperature tunnel

  • high chrome refractory brick, high chrome refractory brick

    high chrome refractory brick, high chrome refractory brick

    China refractory bricks manufacturer produced magnesite chrome brick with high quality and competitive price US $320.00-$2300 / Metric Ton 20.0 Metric Tons (Min. Order)

  • basic refractory refractory material

    Basic Refractory Refractory Material

    Magnesium spinel basic refractory: MgO(Al2O3/Cr2O3/Fe2O3), includes magnesia alumina brick, magnesia chrome brick and chrome magnesia brick. Forsterite basic refractory: 2MgO.SiO2, includes forsterite brick. Dolomite basic refractory: includes dolomite brick, magnesia dolomite brick and stabilized dolomite brick. Tar combined basic refractory.

  • various cheap magnesia refractory for sale

    Various Cheap Magnesia Refractory For Sale

    Magnesia carbon brick is one of main refractory for steel furnace. It is mainly used in converter, electric furnace and steel ladle of external refining. As its property is better than magnesite brick’s and tar dolomite brick’s. Use magnesia carbon brick in the steel refining furnace that can improve the furnace’s service life.

  • mullite refractory ladle lining brick for steel industry | lite

    Mullite Refractory Ladle Lining Brick For Steel Industry | Lite

    MgO C magnesia carbon brick refractory brick for steel ladle/steel converter/EAF. refractory acid proof fire acid resistant ceramic brick for chimney. fire brick corundum mullite rocket stove. Zircon Bricks Fused Cast AZS Refractory for Glass Industry. Fireclay Anchor Shapes Reheating Furnace Roof Anchor Brick.

  • magnesia carbon bricks for sale - rs kiln refractory bricks

    Magnesia Carbon Bricks For Sale - RS Kiln Refractory Bricks

    The Description of Magnesia Carbon Bricks. The magnesia carbon bricks are mainly made of high-melting-point basic oxide magnesia and high-melting-point carbon material, and added in various non-oxide additives. Magnesia carbon brick, a kind of composite refractory, effectively use the slag resistance of magnesia clinker and high-thermal conductivity and low expansibility of carbon, which compensate the largest shortcoming of poor spalling resistance of magnesia clinker.

  • low chrome magnesia chrome brick - get prices from rs

    Low Chrome Magnesia Chrome Brick - Get Prices from RS

    Magnesia Chrome Bricks Manufacturer. There are many manufacturers of magnesia chrome bricks, and the strength of the manufacturers is also different. To purchase high-quality magnesia-chrome bricks, please choose a refractory brick manufacturer and sales manufacturer with quality assurance and comprehensive services. Rongsheng refractory material manufacturer has rich experience in refractory material production and sales.

  • refractory brick for ladle, refractory brick for ladle

    refractory brick for ladle, refractory brick for ladle offers 3,203 refractory brick for ladle products. A wide variety of refractory brick for ladle options are available to you, such as processing service, shape, and material.

  • upper nozzle refractory fire bricks steel water flow outlet

    Upper Nozzle Refractory Fire Bricks Steel Water Flow Outlet

    Steel Ladle: Refractoriness: 1770: Refractoriness; 2000 Shape: Block: MOQ: Negotiable: Quality: Excellent: Type: Refractory Material: Price: Competitive: HS Code: 69022000: Lead Time: Timely,on Time: High Light: dry pressed Brick, Magnesia Carbon Bricks

  • cheap superior quality spinel refractory bricks for sale from rs

    Cheap Superior Quality Spinel Refractory Bricks for Sale from RS

    Magnesium aluminate spinel refractory brick is featured with high melting point, low thermal expansion coefficient, low thermal stress, alkali slag resistance, good creep resistance, high refractoriness under load, good thermal shock resistance and spalling resistance. In addition, it is resistant to basic slags with stable chemical properties, which is key factor that improves the service life of the thermal equipment, and the main reason of the application of the magnesia alumina spinel

  • magnesia chrome brick advantage - cheap refractory for sale

    Magnesia Chrome Brick Advantage - Cheap Refractory For Sale

    Magnesia Chrome Brick Advantage. April 7, 2020 Refractorymaterials. As we know, the main raw materials for making magnesia chrome bricks are sintered magnesia and chromite. Magnesia chrome bricks mainly takes magnesia and chromium trioxide as the main components, and magnesite and spinel as the main mineral components of refractory products.

  • china top quality customer made refractory bricks magnesia

    China Top Quality Customer Made Refractory Bricks Magnesia

    Luzhong Magnesia hercynite spinel bricks are new developed chrome free refractories for Cement Rotary Kiln. In order to serve under severe conditions,LZR magnesia-hercynite spinel bricks have excellent mechanical strength, good resistance to thermal shocking, and highly resistant to chemical attack by volatile alkanes and some slag.

  • china magnesia refractory bricks factory and suppliers

    China Magnesia Refractory Bricks Factory and Suppliers

    Magnesia Refractory Bricks; Magnesia Refractory Bricks - Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers from China. We are ready to share our knowledge of marketing worldwide and recommend you suitable products at most aggressive costs.

  • magnesia carbon bricks - refractory bricks, ceramic fiber

    Magnesia Carbon Bricks - Refractory Bricks, Ceramic Fiber

    Magnesia Carbon Bricks . Magnesia Carbon Bricks - We proudly represent the largest manufacturer of Magnesia Carbon brick in China, with top quality Magnesite-Carbon bricks gaining fame world-wide. Magnesite-Carbon brick is non-fired basic refractory material. It improves the corrosion resistance and slag resistance with its added graphite.

  • magnesia chrome bricks introduction - cheap refractory

    Magnesia Chrome Bricks Introduction - Cheap Refractory

    The purity of magnesia raw material should be as high as possible. The requirements of chromite chemical composition are: Cr2O3:30 ~ 45%, CaO: ≤1.0 ~ 1.5%. The firing process of magnesia chrome brick is similar to that of magnesia brick. In order to eliminate the loose effect caused by the expansion of MgO and Cr2O3, Al2O3 or iron oxide to

  • andalusite bricks - rongsheng refractory

    Andalusite Bricks - Rongsheng Refractory

    Andalusite refractory brick are widely used in kiln and boiler of various industrial fields such as metallurgy, building materials, fine ceramics, electric power, chemical industry, etc. Andalusite refractory brick is applied on the top of some metallurgical furnaces, and the effect is better than that of silica brick.

  • monolithic castable refractory - china factory, suppliers

    Monolithic Castable Refractory - China Factory, Suppliers

    Getting started; Monolithic Castable Refractory; Monolithic Castable Refractory - China Factory, Suppliers, Manufacturers. We're commitment to offer you the competitive price ,remarkable products excellent, also as fast delivery for Monolithic Castable Refractory, Bauxite Mining, Alumina Refractory Bricks, Concrete Retaining Wall Slabs,Natural Thermal Insulation Materials.

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